Vision, Strategy and Planning

“Able to balance creativity with commercial needs”



We all know the drill: organisations need to have a clear vision of where they’re going, priorities to focus on along the way, and a plan of action for how they’ll get there.

If this came together easily, and everything always went to plan, Meeting Magic wouldn’t be very busy.

The truth is that many companies often have only a part of the jigsaw assembled at any time and we help them find the missing pieces within their own system.


Having a clear and compelling idea of the direction you’re heading is critical in any organisation. Clarity of vision provides a guiding point of reference in a fast and ever-changing world. Clarity of purpose and the values that drive you, and being able to articulate them for yourself and others, is essential.

Employing a range of thinking styles, including data gathering and analysis, as well as intuitive, big-picture thinking, enables you to synthesise information, clarify your vision, and create a strategic touchstone as you face into an often uncertain future.


“You helped us look at what we were doing differently, helped us SEE on another level, out of the minutiae.”


Combine the wisdom of hindsight, understand your current context, and apply foresight to identify your key strategic priorities. With so many things you could choose to do, how do you decide what you will focus on?

A well-defined strategy clarifies the choices and the decisions needed to get there, whilst allowing space for change to emerge as you progress. Creating these collaboratively means you harness collective knowledge, where no one person holds all the answers, and gain commitment from all involved.


In the complex, perpetually shifting world of business today it is ever more important to have clear goals that drive action. Getting your team together to create plans that provide enough certainty so that you can take action, without binding you into something that’s unable to sense and respond agilely to changes in your internal and external environment, is the challenge. We get it. And we can help.

Pieces of our Jigsaw