Katherine Woods

Katherine has world leading expertise in group dynamics and behaviours that means she can work with all kinds of groups in any organisation.

Katherine brings rich life experience to her work as an organisational consultant, as well as 25 years of study and practical experience in the field.

Katherine combines a unique blend of graphic skills and gestalt practice together with hard science and business acumen in the way she works with large complex systems.

She works in an emergent, relational way, always focussing on the efficacy and sustainable impact of her work.

Self-development and life-long learning is at the heart of Katherine’s work. She has a growth mindset and looks for learning in all opportunities, even the tough stuff!

At Meeting Magic and our sister company, Scribing Magic, Katherine heads a team that offers some of the most insightful graphic facilitators and visualisers in the business.

A note from Katherine

I want a world in which there are organisations where respect and the dignity of individuals are held in the highest values, beyond financial performance.

Shame and blame are not management styles.
There is no leading by fear.

Empathy is a valued asset, accountability is an expectation, and we nurture the primal need for belonging as we work with the strength in diversity and difference.

In this world leaders will embrace complexity, and this state of rapid and perpetual change, rather than trying to deny or work around it. They will be skilled in working with people, and believe in the importance of a human systems perspective. Standing in the truth and facing into reality, even when it is ugly, will be at the heart of leadership.

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