Kenda Gaynham

Kenda’s central belief is that individual growth and group dynamics are the key to complex organisational and societal development.

Kenda brings a grounding in law & social sciences and a multicultural background, along with rich and ever-evolving life experience to her work as an organisational consultant.

She offers an eclectic blend of theoretical frameworks, practical methods, and creative intuition; combining left and right brain to get the best from all who work with her.

At the heart of Kenda’s work is a developmental approach, supporting the ongoing evolution of individuals, groups, organisations and communities. Alongside her lived experience in corporate and non-profit environments, she draws on her own life-long learning, extensive practitioner skills, and personal growth mentality for her work with clients.

Kenda’s integrity and tenacity enables her to affect change, even where others have failed, in challenging circumstances.


Stir in her training as a Myers Briggs MBTI (Step 1 & 2) practitioner and an EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-360 Emotional Quotient Inventory assessor, membership of the Association for Coaching and the British Institute of Learning and Development (BILD), and it’s clear that Kenda brings a potent armoury of rational and perceptual skills to her partnership with clients.

Kenda is also a qualified and committed coach who specialises in coaching for change and collaboration.

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I bring my experience of living and working across the world, in different business and cultural contexts, to work alongside my clients. Together we establish a partnership, whether in one meeting or over a programme of change, which is aimed at catalysing passion and responsibility in people. It’s a profoundly satisfying relationship and keeps me always excited about the work we do together.

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