Choose your magic


When it’s important to get the most out of working together.


  • the stakes are high  
  • there is tension in the group 
  • there are lots of different perspectives
  • you have tried before and things haven’t gone well
  • or you just need some oumph!. 

We bring our skills to help you and your teams achieve that extra something from your meetings »


When you want to get the most from teamworking in a team, we can help.

Whether you want to …

  • kick off a new team
  • develop an existing team
  • support a team through change or confict
  • or train team leadership

We bring our skills and expertise in team development to enable teams to reach their potential.


When you want to change something you need to bring the right people together to collaborate.

Whether you want to…

  • tackle a complex challenge
  • take a strategic look at your business
  • change culture
  • or need support for changemaking

We bring our skills and expertise in human systems change to create the connection, and community that are necessary for sustainable impact »


If you want to learn how to unleash the magic whenever people work together, our learning offers will unlock your power to collaborate and build your skill to lead others. We have trained …

  • leaders who want to develop a collaborative approach
  • team leaders and managers who want to develop healthy, high performing teams
  • people who lead cross functional projects
  • consultants who work with groups
  • owners and leaders of small companies who want to develop a healthy, collaborative workplace culture
  • change agents who bring people together to create change collaboratively

We bring our skills and 25 years of practical experience to give you tried and tested, practical yet creative approaches that you can use in your work »

We live and work in groups. We spend so much of our time at work in groups, in meetings, and yet we are rarely met.

Katherine Handy-Woods

The Power of Meeting

Developing the way we meet, the way we work together in groups, the way we collaborate is a powerful act of leadership and transformation because it unleashes the potential power that lies in being more together.

Meetings are where groups of people show up and work together: where decisions get made, where innovations are created, where problems are solved, where change develops, where learning happens. 

This is the work that groups can do together.

Meetings are also where the culture of our organisations is experienced in our everyday work: where diversity is included or excluded; where trust is formed and broken; where power plays out. These are some of the intangible forces that drive the behavioural patterns in our workplaces and they all show up in meetings. 

We call this the invisible work because it is only visible to the trained eye.

So, we can ..

Facilitate: work with you to take care of the invisible dynamics in a situation, so that you can get the work done 


Develop: we can work with you to make the invisible, visible to shift patterns of behaviour and create sustainable change.


Train: We can teach you how to do the invisible work yourself –  to unleash the potential magic that lies in every group situation.

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