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Unleashing the transformational power of people together

So much is being done in the name of change these days and so little is changing!

The pervasive mental models for change come from the approaches and theories used by large consulting firms who are rooted in conventional, industrialised views of organisations.

Our work is rooted in the human system of organisations, in a belief, backed by experience that when people thrive our organisations succeed.

We use applied behavioural science to work with organisations, teams and leaders to make change.

This means our approaches are rooted in research and theories of human relations. Here are some of the principles that guide our organisational work …

  • Fostering connection and trust between people as we move through change together.
  • Embracing and working with complexity, rather than denying it.
  • Exploring the present is a means of discovering the emerging future.
  • The transformational power of endings.
  • Igniting creativity to look beyond the obvious.
  • Collaboration is essential if we want sustainable change.
  • Learning from everything, even the tough stuff

Examples of our change work …

  • Tackling complex challenges in our world – For example Getting humanitarian aid across borders; human trafficking; environmental issues – these challenges involve collaboration between multiple agencies, often across sectors.
  • Organisational change – Working across the boundaries within organisations to develop sustainable solutions. For example cross functional processes or working with external partners.
  • Strategic organisational reviews – Developing compelling purpose and principles to guide strategic decision making.
  • Culture change – HOW we work is as important as WHAT we work on. Developing how we work together is key to achieving collective performance.
  • Supporting change makers – leading change can be hard and certainly isn’t something to be tackled alone. Join our community of change makers >>>

Our visual approach to change

Clarity and transparency are essential in change work, so working visually is a powerful tool. By this we mean using graphics, charts, Murals and storymaps as conversational tools.

There is a power in working visually that transcends language and cultural barriers.

Visual working engages people in the work they are doing together real-time and the outputs can become a vehicle for communication and alignment of action within and beyond our work with you.

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Magic Circles

Groups are fundamental to sustainable change in organisations and society. So, whether you are interested to learn more about change or interested to hone your group skills, joining one of our Magic Circles could be of interest.

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