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Change – unleashing the transformational power of groups

We know that sustainable change can only happen when we involve people. At the very least we need to clearly explain what is going on, but ideally we create more meaningful engagement in change than just telling people. If you are bringing people together as part of a change, then we can help. 

This might be a change that has already been agreed, but needs implementing and some new ways of working to make it happen


You might tackling a complex multi functional challenge that required collaboration across boundaries, either within your organisation or across organisations


You are about the undertake a change programme and you want to prepare people to cooperate, learn and adapt to the new organisational needs.

A feature of the way we work with clients is that we are always focused on efficacy and sustainability. Our aim is to create lasting change by equipping a system to maintain and change itself.

Below are some examples of the situations we have helped clients with

  • Supporting change makers – leading change can be hard and certainly isn’t something to be tackled alone. Join our community of change makers >>> or sign up to join a change circle – a carefully curated circle of change makers >>>> for support and learning together.
  • Figuring out how to change – our senior team members are all organisational development consultants. We can partner with you to think through any change you are planning.
  • Changing how you work together – whether this is in a team, a cross functional programme, an organisation or a community, we can work with groups of people to look at the patterns of behaviour and make any necessary shifts.
  • Team coaching for teams leading change – most organisational and societal changes are initiated by a small team of change agents, a change team. Change work is challenging so it is important to be supported, have time for team maintenance and space for learning together. If you are putting together a team for change, we can help.
  • Changing cross functional or cross company processes – in the complex world we are in today we need to  work across boundaries, which means we often work across functions within our organisations and work with outside agencies. This means, when things need to change, it can be complex. We are experienced in working with collectives on complex challenges to find new solutions and new ways of working together.
  • Culture change –  the behavioural patterns in our organisations run through everything we do. This means that even when we change our structures, systems and processes, unless we pay attention to culture, we end up with the same patterns, in new structures. We can work with you to shift the patterns of behaviour that form culture to create sustainable change that no structural change, on its own, can achieve.

Our visual approach to change

We use a visual approach to the way we work. By this we mean we use graphics, charts, Murals and storymaps to support change.

There is a power in working visually that transcends language and cultural barriers.

It engages people in the work they are doing together real-time and the visuals become a touchstone for aligned action beyond a meeting.

We have a network of amazing visual artists who can support your work in a variety of ways, from live graphic recording during an event to producing digital images that can be incorporated into your ongoing organisational communications.

For each project we match you with the perfect partner for the work.

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Magic Circles

Groups are fundamental to sustainable change in organisations and society. So, whether you are interested to learn more about change or interested to hone your group skills, joining one of our Magic Circles could be of interest.

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