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About us

Meet our Founder

Katherine Handy-Woods

Making meeting meaningful since 1999

Katherine’s expertise lies in how people work together in groups, she is passionate about the humanisation of work and the potential we have to be more together.

Katherine was an electrical power systems engineer in a corporate role before she discovered the field of behavioural science and her love of groups. She went on to found Meeting Magic in 1999 and this year she celebrates 25 years of working with organisations, groups and leaders from around the world.

Katherine brings all of who she is to her work including;

  • Her life experience as a biracial woman and single mother.
  • Her experience of founding and running a small global consultancy over 25 years.
  • Her academic study and practical experience of Gestalt, group dynamics and behavioural science.

Our Network

25 years of working in this field means we have an extensive network of amazing consultants who specialise in different aspects of organisational and behavioural work.

For each client project we put together the relevant (and, we like to think, perfect) team for the work.

Dr Gillian Shapiro

Gilly is a practitioner in Gestalt, Systems Dynamics and Behavioural Science. She helps her clients explore and harness multiple perspectives, bring more of who they are and build collaboration between those who are thinking differently. As a result, people feel more connected at work, valued as one team and see themselves, those around them and the organisation flourish.

Rowan Gray

Rowan is a consultant and Gestalt psychotherapist with an interest in how to move people, teams and organisations through change.


Vicky Waring

Vicky works with us and our clients to provide technical support in virtual and hybrid meetings.

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Sarah Perry

Sarah’s education in languages and experience in founding a non-profit organisation means she is superbly placed to work with multicultural groups and leadership teams. She is also our resident expert in the tech for collaboration  – working with clients to support profound work in online meetings.

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Ada Jusic

Ada is an experienced graphic recorder and illustrator. With a background in storyboarding, illustration and film, Ada works with us and our clients to help bring clarity and meaning through visualisation.

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Sara Rodwell

Sara is the logistical force behind Meeting Magic. Whether it’s organising complex travel arrangements, ensuring we have the equipment we need for live events or managing the complexity of multiple diaries, Sara is always super organised, proactive and reassuring.

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Mary Hart

Mary helps us with everything financial and spreadsheety. With a background in science and finance,  she is logical, practical and has an eye for detail, she brings a difference that we really appreciate as she helps us all get paid!

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Susi Watson

Susi has a creative and holistic approach to working with groups. She  supports group work with graphic recording, facilitation and virtual tools that enable effective  collaboration in complex situations.

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Gnanam Devadass

Gnanam’s education as a lawyer lead him into social activism, working for Amnesty International, where he developed his interest in social change and organisational development.

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Warren Miller

Warren is the founder of Fountainworks, a boutique consultancy based in North Carolina, USA. Warren has a deep understanding of groups, collaboration and social change and Fountainworks is a valued strategic partner of Meeting Magic.

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Steve Apps

Seve is a consultant, facilitator and cofounder of the Association of Business Physchologists, ABP. Seve has been part of our Network since our foundation and is a valued fellow collaborator.

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John Ogier

John is a consultant, facilitator and trainer. A long standing member of our Network, Based in Sydney, John helps us provide local support to our Apac clients.

Our Clients

Our clients come to us from an amazingly diverse range of situations all around the world. The common thread that connects them is that they believe in people and believe in the power of people coming together to do good work together, to create change, and to learn.

We believe in community. Driving positive change in the world can be tough, so we need to do it together and support one another.