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Creating powerful, enduring connection and collaboration

in individuals, groups, organisations and communities.

Who we are

Eclectic & Flexible: We chose carefully who we bring into our network and seek in our associates a combination of sound organisational experience with skill in managing human dynamics and systems in real time. It’s often difficult to identify what distinguishes them from others in similar fields; it’s an innate quality, a set of developed skills, and an almost palpable presence.

Seasoned & Strong: We have been doing this for a while and our track record speaks for itself. We work with leaders and managers at all levels in a broad variety of organisations, across many sectors, and in multiple contexts across the globe. Flexibility and adaptability are key to handling this complexity. We aren’t shrinking violets!

What gets us out of bed

People, doing good work. Together.

We’re not for you

  • When you want a meeting that is purely presentations with Q&A or traditional breakout groups
  • When you know what the answers are and want to persuade others
  • When cost is the main factor and you just want the cheapest solution
  • When you have a particular, fixed approach and are not open to new ideas

20 years old; 20 years young

We’ve brought both established and new approaches to meetings for 20 years; working with some of the most forward-thinking leaders and groups in the world, in organisations from Microsoft to Amnesty International, to achieve magical results.

A second opinion

“The reason for bringing in Meeting Magic is … a very aligned way of thinking – not only are (they) experts in this space, they take it very seriously and they also hold it lightly, and understand large organisations.

Our experience of working with them is very powerful. We are advocates of their work because they have had such a strong impact on us.”


Head of L&D, for a Fortune, Global Top 100 Company

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