Examples of our work

Here are some examples of the visual methods we use in our work


Infographics are produced in our studio pre or post an event. They can support the communication of complex topics by enabling engagement and meaning making.

Graphic recording

Our graphic recorders work live in a room, virtual and face to face, to create charts that summarise a session. These can be used in various ways to communicate and support aligned action after an event.

The art of public listening
our graphic recorders listen and
summarise your session as an infographic.

Graphic Facilitation

All our facilitators use visual methods and templates to support transparency, clarity and decision making in group work. The outputs sometimes look more messy than those created in studio or by a graphic recorder but the purpose is different – these visuals are all about supporting collaboration in group work.

The facilitator works visually with the group to generate involvement,
support transparency and foster commitment to decisions.