Now, more than ever, we need to harness the power of people collaborating to tackle the complex problems organisations are facing in our fast and ever-changing world.

Meeting remains the most effective way for people to collaborate and do work together.

The purpose of meeting is to connect and converse because people can synthesise complexity in creative ways, especially when facilitated.

We know, we’ve been working with people in meetings for 20 years.

Sometimes our clients want to start with just one meeting and sometimes they’re in the midst of a complex change.

Either way, our expertise in group behaviours and dynamics:

Ignites passion and responsibility in people to work together and achieve extraordinary outcomes

“We’ve developed and deployed a new strategy across our organisation faster than we thought possible”

“We’re up and running and delivering results more quickly than we thought possible”

“Participants discovered opportunities to work together, leading to changes far beyond the event”

“We’ve improved the way we work together beyond recognition”

“We’ve unified previously siloed functions”

“We’re truly collaborating and reaping the results together”

“I now know HOW to lead groups collaboratively”



Why people come to us…



Why people come back to us…

because they get the results they want… and more.
  • The session was superb, first rate and achieved all of our objectives. I’d certainly use Meeting Magic again and have already recommended you to colleagues throughout the region.

    Training Manager, Teeside University

  • Once again a HUGE thank you for a very successful three days with the Logistics and Manufacturing teams. I’ve touched base with a couple of members of the Leicester team this morning and the feedback on last with is very good, with a strong appetite for the next steps.

    Organisational Capability Manger, Pepsico International

  • A very big ‘thank you’ from all of us at ODPM for your part in what have been, from our point of view, very professional and valuable events.

    Head of Policy and Strategy for Supporting People, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

  • Thank you so much for your fantastic work yesterday. We had an overwhelming response to the workshop and I believe that we will be working with you again sooner than you think.

    Internal Communications Manager, The Home Office

  • I just wanted to drop you a line to say that our 2-day meeting at Danesfield was certainly one of the best facilitated meetings of this kind that I have attended. I don’t believe the outcome of the meeting could have been any more successful than it was.

    Mark Jarvis, Support and Services Director UK & Ireland, Hitachi Data Systems

  • You work very skilfully with very different people and with their differences, creating momentum and flow without losing sight of destinations. You also capture brilliantly on flip charts people’s thoughts and themes, in a form that marries words and drawings, to produce reports of lasting value and interest.

    Richard Hopgood, Board Member, Escaping Victimhood

  • Really encouraging to hear the feedback from your prep calls, I am so pleased I have asked you to support as it makes the meetings much more productive and tailored to our needs. Plus, this is a key time for us, and this group is pivotal to our success in the long term.

    Sue Hudson, Head of Commercial Integration – EMEA

  • Thanks for the really professional work both on the day and in the follow ups. I had no doubt about that part, but I must say the summary material is brilliant at capturing not just the content but a little of the spirit of the day. I am personally very pleased with the work we did and had some feedback from others as well that it was a ‘step change’. It’s now for us to build on it and keep it alive.

    CIO, Global Food Manufacturer

  • Meeting Magic worked with us by facilitating an Away day for our national charity, which comprised of staff, Board of Trustees and sub-contractors. The Facilitators carried out significant preparation before the event to ensure that every participant would have a voice in the process should they wish it and their expectations/aims were noted.

    Debra Clothier, Director

  • Meeting Magic’s mind maps capture not only the essential detail in an amazingly accurate visual way and also captures the emotions and the energy contained in the generation of the ideas. It’s a pleasure to re-read the notes in this visually compelling, storytelling way. Thank you.

    Conrad Potts, Meeting Facilitator, Escaping Victimhood

  • Meeting Magic has facilitated several workshops with us. (Their) added value to the process was enormous, far beyond what we expected. The contribution of Meeting Magic was a key factor in the success of the workshop and the program as a whole.

    Sander Vonk, Director, Product Delivery Business Services, UPC Broadband

  • Great job last week! I love working with Meeting Magic!

    Eric Lewis, Global Brand Director, Coca-Cola

  • Working with Meeting Magic has been a rewarding and stimulating experience. Starting with a clear appreciation of what each of us wanted to achieve, combined with excellent facilitation skills, (they) brought even our most skeptical colleagues onboard! We now have a clear direction for the business that everyone has agreed and we’re moving forward with a smile on our face!

    Kevin Matchett, Commercial Director, JO Sims

  • Just wanted to say well done yesterday! I know there were multiple challenges, so much appreciated. The Meeting Magic buzz in Microsoft is very good!

    Director, Microsoft

  • I was very pleased with the process and outcomes of the second day for which you facilitated. Thanks for your help, and I am sure we will be calling on you again.

    Marijke Mars, Mars Nutrition