Virtual meeting facilitation in progress

Getting the Best from Virtual Working

With the right combination of virtual tools, collaborative methods and a willingness to be creative, we can still achieve trust, connection, a sense of belonging and real inclusion in groups gathering in blended-working environments.

The Magic of Meetings: More than meets the eye

Meeting culture is a reflection of organisation culture, and organizational culture is reflected in meeting culture.

A Journey Towards Teal

First published in the Enlivening Edge Newsletter, March 2016, this article explores how meetings impact the movement to Teal within an organisation.

Becoming Teal One Meeting at a Time

First published in the Enlivening Edge Newsletter, November 2015, this article explores how meetings impact the movement to Teal within an organisation.

Systems Thinker: Conversational Leadership – Thinking together for a change

Authored by Thomas J Hurley and Juanita Brown, this article explores the impact that the World Café process adds to organisational thinking by creating welcoming environments for clear, honest and important conversations.

Planning Template

This template was our gift to our newsletter readers. It’s a reflection and planning tool that can be tailored for use at any time to gather key events, learning and ideas to take forward.

Meeting Magic Method: First two templates

The first two templates, along with instructions, from the seven steps of our book, Meeting Magic Method. You’ll receive the templates for the other steps when you purchase the Method.

Meeting Preparation Infographic

The success of a meeting is largely determined by the preparation done in advance. Ten key questions create the framework to consider everything you need for delivering high-quality meetings.

Visual Services

Graphic Recording et al

Our sister company, Scribing Magic offers a wide range of complementary visual services including graphic recording, illustrations, rich picture visualisations, and animations.

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Books and other useful resources we recommend


Worth watching: Reinventing Organizations

Frederic Laloux has taken the world by storm with his spectacular treatise on organisational models, Reinventing Organizations.

Survey - Meetings Research

Survey – Meetings Research

Meetings are the engines of business productivity. Worth taking a look under the hood, don’t you think?

Our Books and Toolkit

Meeting Magic Method® toolkit

A toolkit for successful meeting design.

The Meeting Magic Book

A practical guide for business managers who want to make their meetings more productive.