As leaders, you already know that it’s best to do things collaboratively.

Whether it’s face-to-face or virtually, we can help you get the most from your team, organisation or community meetings – either by facilitating them for you or supporting you to do them effectively yourself.

We’ll work with you to achieve the outcomes you want, whether you need extensive support for a whole series or the power of a one-off intervention for a key meeting.

Virtual and Blended Working

Now more than ever, we have amazing technology that allow us to connect and work collaboratively in multiple ways. However, the technology alone does not create the conditions for satisfying and productive meetings.

With the right combination of virtual tools, collaborative methods and a willingness to be creative, we can still achieve trust, connection, a sense of belonging and real inclusion in groups gathering in blended-working environments. And, in these environments, great work can be done together!

Find out more by joining us for an online event on 4th September where we will explore what’s possible in virtual meetings or by signing up to one of our online learning spaces.

Team Building

Teams remain the most powerful unit of collaborative work in most organisations.

Building a strong, well-bonded team with high levels of trust & respect, clear shared purpose, and inclusive ways of working that enable each person to bring their best work to the collective, requires a conscious approach.

It’s like tending a garden; the work never truly ends, there are seasons of activity that cycle around, and the rewards for paying it attention are high.

We understand how teams build and how they function – the behaviours and the dynamics at play that can help or hinder performance. We understand how groups work, how change happens, and how behaviours shift.

We notice and pay attention to the patterns in people’s interactions – ingrained or not, structured or unstructured, formal and informal – and we work with them, bringing a light, intuitive touch that is not just sleight of hand but has been honed (as all magic is) through study, skill and repetition.

Conferences and LGIs

We know the stakes are high and that meeting face-to-face remains the best way for people to connect and collaborate. That’s why conferences never go out of date. What people expect from the experience is definitely shifting though.

Bringing a large group together, often from all corners of the business, country, or world, is a huge investment. The potential cost of it not working well, even higher.

To avoid the pitfalls of traditional conferences, the marginal cost of adding a professional facilitator is, we feel, a no-brainer.

Going large

Typically, in business conferences when >20 people get together, the focus is on finding inspirational speakers to motivate people by sharing their stories. Whilst powerful stories can spark interest and inspire people, listening is too passive to create any sustainable changes in behaviour and, therefore, any sustainable impact in an organisation.

The power of a large group lies not only in scale, but also in the ability to involve the whole group, bring together diverse perspectives, and enable work on complex organisational challenges.


Features of LGI’s include:

  • They are part of a journey. They are not just isolated events, but part of an overall process, with work leading into and out of them.
  • The collaboration starts before the event. How the event is designed and prepared for is part of the intervention – preparing the ground by engaging people appropriately.
  • They focus on real work & learning from the work. The design is aimed at harnessing the wisdom of the group to do work that no one individual could do. The nature of working this way means everyone in the system participates, contributes and learns.

So what is the difference and value a facilitator adds? It’s not dry ice and a natty MC patter (although we can do that). Nor is it just timekeeping and crowd control (although we can do that too). Enabling meaningful conversations and good collaborative work requires a particular set of skills in both design and execution

It’s a combination of clarifying purpose, understanding how people connect and applying appropriate methods to achieve an engaging human experience and more impactful outcomes.

We notice and pay attention to the patterns in people’s interactions – ingrained or not, structured or unstructured, formal and informal – and we work with them, bringing a light, intuitive touch that is not just sleight of hand but has been honed (as all magic is) through study, skill and repetition.

Whether it’s using an existing approach like Open Space Technology, World Cafés, Geek Speed Sessions, Future Searches or designing something entirely tailored, we are equipped to do what’s needed to ensure you get what you want from your event.

Strategy, Creativity or Planning Meetings

  • Starting new projects, creatively generating ideas, articulating your purpose
  • Developing your vision, strategy & plans, or changing the way you work
  • Reviewing progress and performance, learning and analysing

We all know the drill: organisations need to have a clear vision of where they’re going, priorities to focus on along the way, and a plan of action for how they’ll get there.

If this came together easily, and everything always went to plan, Meeting Magic wouldn’t be very busy.

In the complex, perpetually shifting world of business today it is ever more important to have clear purpose that drive action.

Getting your team together to create strategies and plans that provide enough certainty so that you can take action, without binding you into something that’s unable to sense and respond to changes in your is the challenge. We get it. And we can help.

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