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Creating powerful, enduring connection and collaboration

in individuals, groups, organisations and communities.

What gets us out of bed

People, doing good work. Together.

Meeting Magic is a recognised social enterprise, as articulated in our mission to tackle the complex challenges of our world through powerful connections and collaboration.

Our commitment is reflected in the way we engage with individuals, organisations and communities, the impact we seek to achieve through our work, and the fact that we reinvest our profits to support the societal work we do. Find out more about this status on the Social Enterprise UK website.

Here is an example of a social project we are really proud of. 

We’re not for you

  • When you know what the answers are and want to persuade others
  • When cost is the main factor and you just want the cheapest solution
  • When you have a particular, fixed approach and are not open to new ideas
  • When you want meetings that are purely presentations with Q&A or traditional breakout groups

20 years old; 20 years young

We’ve brought both established and new approaches to meetings for 20 years; working with some of the most forward-thinking leaders and groups in the world, in organisations from Microsoft to Amnesty International, to achieve magical results.

A second opinion

“The reason for bringing in Meeting Magic is … a very aligned way of thinking – not only are (they) experts in this space, they take it very seriously and they also hold it lightly, and understand large organisations.

Our experience of working with them is very powerful. We are advocates of their work because they have had such a strong impact on us.”


Head of L&D, for a Fortune, Global Top 100 Company

Read the full testimonial here

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Meet our Team

Katherine Woods

An engineering graduate with a corporate background, Katherine founded Meeting Magic in 1999, driven by a belief that pe ...

Kenda Gaynham

Over 25 years of experience in organisational development, practised leadership expertise, and an understanding of indiv ...

Sarah Perry

Sarah’s strengths are communication — engaging people in supportive and dynamic ways to help them think differently, ...

John Ogier

Based in Singapore, John combines a background in senior-level high-technology marketing in the Asia-Pacific region with ...

Helen Simms

Helen’s passion is clear communication and its role in supporting the creation and maintenance of strong relationships ...

Warren Miller

Trained in the political sciences and with over 15 years’ experience as a meeting facilitation professional, Warren br ...

Michael Dick

Michael Dick is a senior business, marketing, brand and communications professional with broad experience in driving str ...

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