Helen Simms

Helen’s passion is clear communication and its role in supporting the creation and maintenance of strong relationships amidst the whirlwind pace of our technological age.

For Helen, the design and facilitation of meetings is central to this, to support the crucial conversations and drive the engagement of individuals and teams necessary to achieve their organisation’s outcomes. She’s also keenly aware that meetings never stand alone: they are but part of the organisation’s overall process of creative thinking and conversation and Helen supports a systemic facilitation process that understands how one meeting impacts the organisation and builds, one upon the other, to achieve systemic strength.

Another of Helen’s passions is coaching and training to support the personal evolution of people on their chosen paths, improving the conversations they have to develop their emotional intelligence.

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Almost every week I hear people saying they attend meetings that are unproductive. A creative meeting will develop an organisation, support decisions being made that may have been put off in the past, speed up product ideas, recognise and address conflicts that can actually be indications of potential positives, or work on critical business issues.

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