Training by another name? Yes. And no.

Many of the leaders we work with are keen to improve their own capability and we’re often asked to share our approach and experience with them.

We’re delighted to do that.

What we know for sure is that this cannot be solely injected by experts, acquired through book-learning, or absorbed by osmosis. To learn how to do the work, one has to do the work.

Who it’s for?

Not everyone. People are wired to learn in different ways and we create experiential learning experiences designed to optimise this diversity and create just enough disruption and “safe” discomfort to facilitate true learning. It’s part science, part art; alchemy.


Most often we work with clients who:-

  • Want to develop capability in collaborative leadership
  • Are involved in organisational change
  • Manage cross-functional teams and projects
  • Work in partnership with others in their organisation, both internally and externally
  • Want to organise & lead their teams in a collaborative way
  • Lead a lot of meetings and/or workshops

Collaborating effectively and working well in groups to harness collective intelligence is a skill. Some might even argue that in the world today it’s a critical skill.

Like all skills, this is something that can be learned and practiced and the more one practices, the better one is likely to become at it. Even with decades of experience under our belts, we aren’t convinced it can truly ever be mastered but we’ve dedicated our lives to trying.


A closer look

So how does it work? Find out how we do it

We develop bespoke interventions to address real learning needs.
20 years practical experience of designing for and facilitating groups and a deep understanding of human dynamics, combined with ongoing investment in exploration of new methods, means we bring the best ‘tried and tested’ approaches alongside new ones to support people in their learning – internally and in our open programmes.

There are multiple dimensions to working with people in groups, including the fourth dimension when working virtually,  and the experiential learning approach we take can addresses some or all of these, depending on the programme.

This combines the best of theories & mental models, practical tools & techniques, supported experimentation, shared & individual experience, intra & inter-personal reflection, applied practice, and quality feedback.

The beauty of this approach is also in its inclusivity – you can access the learning no matter what level of experience you bring to it – and we believe the impact can be profound.



We can’t change the world of connection and collaboration on our own!

Meeting Magic has always focused on supporting learning and developing capability and we have a suite of offers that we deliver in-house or as open programmes.

Grow your skills for collaborating effectively in dispersed groups and teams. A series of two short virtual sessions aimed at building skills and confidence in the virtual space. Find out more

Learn more about the power of meeting and start to raise your awareness of how you meet. In this 2-3 hour in-house workshop, consider the power inherent in meetings and experience what’s possible when this is harnessed. This session is both practical and thought-provoking.

Learn fundamental principles & practices of effective group work. This workshop is for you if you want to work more collaboratively in groups and would like to consolidate, formalise and build confidence in your skills. This 2-day workshop can be tailored for an intact team or a group of leaders.

This 2-day workshop (currently offered as four virtual sessions) is designed to support the ongoing development of the mindset, skillset and toolset required to lead and work effectively in teams and diverse groups.

Learn how to run engaging meetings, bring clarity in complex situations and enable teams to better understand how they work. This 1 or 2-day powerful workshop is for people who work in groups, particularly in multi-cultural environments, who want to unlock a new dimension of collaboration.

We are often asked to draw on our experience with groups and leadership, in support of individual development.

A 1:1 mentoring and coaching relationship is one way of establishing this impactful and personalised learning dynamic. Our approach is tailored to meet individual needs, in consultation with you.

Open Programmes Dates for 2020

  • Virtual Collaboration Online Workshops – 1st & 8th June (1:00pm GMT), 6th & 10th July (1:00pm GMT), 7th & 11th September (1:00pm GMT)
  • Find out more
  • Learning Lab, Online – 4 sessions – every Monday, 3rd to 27th August 2020
  • Contact us for details

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Meet the rest

I would highly recommend the Meeting Magic learning lab…I joined the lab expecting to learn new skills and gain some practical tools for effective collaboration – which I did.

But I also gained so much more than that. The immersive experience and reflective space left me questioning everything I thought I knew about collaboration.

I also came away with a community of fellow collaborators from across sectors and countries.

It was an invaluable experience and I really cannot recommend Katherine and Kenda enough to anyone who facilitates (or attends) meetings in the course of their work.

Jenny Ellis

Interim Chief Operating Officer