What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality”   Plutarch

This quote sums up for me how change really happens.  It is about leading change by example, or to put it another way, truly walking the talk.  A change in how we behave or how we do things has an effect on those around us. The beauty of this is that we are all capable of making change happen.

If you want to see something specific change in your organisation or team culture, maybe you are seeking greater collaborative working, more creativity or agility. What is it that you can develop more in yourself to support this?

On a deeper level we can work to continue to develop ourselves as aware, awake and truly alive human beings and bring this into the workplace.

In many organisations, if you talk to people who work there, they have very strong reasons for why they work where they work and do what they do. Really understanding these reasons can actually be the ‘pants on fire’ drivers for people’s behaviour and for change. Just think about the potential that could be untapped within your team or organisation if you can truly connect to this.

This is about really getting to know and understand people as whole human beings not just the bit that comes into the office and does the work.  It means creating an environment where people feel comfortable about bringing their whole selves into. Can you see the benefits of this for everyone and the organisation?

How often is the work environment truly lacking in humanity? At a physical level we often see muted colours and uniformity – that’s not human at all! It certainly doesn’t encourage people to be who they are – a very large part of each person is left at the door when they walk in or possibly in the car park, on the train or on the bus when they switch into ‘work mode’.

It is so much more than just the physical environment that matters here. How can we as individuals and leaders create a work place where people show up as their whole selves, contribute through all of their talents and are truly valued for all of this?

You won’t be surprised to learn that I believe this starts with each of us. By bringing our whole selves into the work place and truly showing up we give others a way to do this too. Taking time with people to let them see more of us and to listen to what is happening for them.  If we are also comfortable with not having to have all of the answers we can truly unlock potential. It really doesn’t need to be dramatic either as small changes in how you are at work can make a big difference. I know this is true from personal experience.

From someone who has had her ‘pants on fire’ about this for many years I am hopeful that this connects with you too.