Agreeing to strategy while avoiding pitfalls

The following case study is from pro-bono planning sessions and meeting facilitation for a small UK non-profit that wanted to agree new strategies while avoiding pitfalls from their past.


Escaping Victimhood is a small, non-profit organisation specialising in the support of families of victims of violent crime. The organisation had recently received Lottery funding, presenting them with a cross-roads–choices about hos they move forward. There were some long-term conflicts between team members with different ideas about how things should be lead within the organisation. Our mission: agree a strategic way forward and resolve the difficulties in working together in the past.


  • Interviews with everyone attending the meeting
  • Design and preparation of materials for a one-day strategy meeting
  • Facilitation of a one-day meeting in Oxford, UK
  • Production of documentation for ongoing development and communication of the strategy


By the end of the meeting the board had agreed:

  • a long-term vision
  • their strategic priorities
  • new ways of working to avoid the pitfalls of the past.

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