Are you authentic?

 If truly connecting with people and, in our context, colleagues in the work environment requires authenticity are you authentic? What does being authentic mean?
The importance of being authentic, genuine or lacking falsehood is both how you are perceived and how you interact with others. Being authentic in the workplace usually brings respect, high regard and trust. These qualities serve well when working with others either one-to-one or in groups. Your thoughts, ideas and word is more highly regarded and, therefore, listened to. This ensures a level of engagement and ‘weight’ when you speak.
In our experience, organisations that place importance and transparent emphasis on authenticity are also the organisations that work well together, achieve more, have higher productivity, report less stress and absenteeism and are pleasant places to work.
Leadership can set the tone and direction with transparency and demonstrable communications within their own teams and to the larger organisation. This authenticity cascades as a value and imbeds into working relationships and communications.
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