Can ‘tell’ be a strong leadership approach?

Sometimes leaders need to ‘tell’ people what the company is up to and how the leader wants to get results. Sometimes ‘telling’ is the most efficient and best way to communicate with his employees and stakeholders.

Our view is there are ways to communicate by ‘telling’ that can be highly effective and not be blockers to success. By co-thinking with leaders we help them see the value of various communications options while designing helpful and well-thought ‘tell’ strategies. We help them anchor their ‘tell’ communications withing a larger communications process that can be engaging, collaborative and inspiring.

When ‘tell’ is the only strategy, leadership can appear to be ossified and out of touch. It reveals a style of business and a value system of the overall organisation. Locating ‘tell’ within an overall communications strategy changes the nature of ‘tell’, which can lead to huge buy-in from all stakeholders. ‘Tell’ can be a strength when done well.

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