Does your organisation need a reinvention?

I have been inspired whilst reading the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux. This book has hit the button for me as I have been considering the work we do with our clients and why collaboration feels so hard in some organisations while being so natural in others.

My reflection is that, for people in achievement oriented organisations, competition and the need to achieve makes it hard to genuinely collaborate. Many of our clients are leaders wanting to collaborate in organisations where the system is not naturally collaborative.

The other great benefit I have gained from this book is as the founder and leader of an organisation myself. The author says of his book, “It is written as a handbook for people (founders of organizations, leaders, coaches, and advisors) who sense that something is broken in the way we run organizations today and who feel deeply that more must be possible…but wonder how to do it.”

What I have found in this book is a framework that explains a way of working that we strive to achieve in Meeting Magic since our decision to grow over a decade ago. Many aspects of Meeting Magic and the way we work are evolutionary and based on a world-centric view, or ‘Teal’, one of Laloux’s organisational types described in this book. The framework in the book helps me to see which aspects we need to tune up and some aspects that are missing.

To help myself learn from this book I have created the graphic above. In the spirit of abundance I share it with you. Enjoy!

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