Driving business impact from employee engagement surveys

Many large organisations now do employee engagement surveys on a regular basis. This is a trend that seems to have grown over the last 10 yrs. But what impact are they delivering at an organisational level? Are they enabling better  business results? Or are they delivering better employee morale and retention?

We have a growing number of clients coming to us about their employee survey data around meetings. It doesn’t surprise me that many organisations score badly when it comes to meetings: too many meetings, not productive enough, meetings not focused, not follow through on actions, and etc.

By tackling the meeting issues flagged in a survey, we take on something that is tangible and impacts employee’s everyday experience of work. However, most organisations seem ill equipped to tackle the roots of the problems. They seem to think that creating rules will solve the problem: lists of meeting rules in meeting rooms or rules about 90 minute meetings or rules about standing up in meetings. This just doesn’t work. Rules miss the point.

To drive long term sustainable change, you need to dig deeper than that! You need to delve into the culture of meetings in your organisation. Take the data from your surveys and find out what really matters. Don’t just change some rules; change the game!