How are your virtual meeting facilitation skills?

Virtual meetings are no longer a thing of the future or something only large organisation do because they have to. Meeting in virtual environments, whether Skype, GoTo Meeting, Live Meeting, or any other platform, is now an essential part of collaboration and conversation is all types of organisations.

Using tablet technology and an online platform we can record dispersed team meetings.

Using tablet technology and an online platform we can record dispersed team meetings.

And, as you can guess, we know that virtual meetings are more than mastering the technology and keeping broadband running. Virtual meetings require their own finesse, capability and delivery. Facilitating virtual meetings is not simply rocking up. They require skills and practice.

We have been facilitating virtual meetings internally and for clients for 16 years. Yes, way back at the beginning we facilitated phone-based meetings. Now we use our visual tools and techniques because the technology has become quite fantastic in this arena.

We can facilitate your virtual meetings with you. Or, we can train you to begin using the virtual meeting space as impactfully as you use your face-to-face meeting time. Our virtual meeting training is built as three virtual sessions that comprise about one day of training. We can build them bespoke for your organisation. In 2016 we’ll be offering public trainings that will allow for small or large delegate groups to come together to experience the various ways virtual meetings can be highly successful.

Check our our virtual meeting training offering then call us at +44 (0)1628 471 114 or complete our contact form to let us know your virtual situation so we can discuss in detail how we can help. Virtual meetings don’t need to daunting or barriers to communication. Give us a shout and let’s tackle your needs together.