It’s about conversations

Meetings should be about conversations that move our organisations forward, but all too often this gets forgotten and they become forums in which people present at each other and the dialogue gets lost.

These days it can be a rare opportunity when a group come together face to face in a meeting and depth of discussion should be encouraged even in larger groups. We have hosted cafe -style conversations in large groups that have enabled rich conversations and sharing in a way that traditional style meetings do not.

So, some questions to ask yourself before your next meeting….

  • What outcomes do you want to achieve?
  • Could these outcomes be achieved without a face to face meeting? If so, why are you having a meeting?
  • What conversations do you need to have to achieve these outcomes?
  • If you need to share information in your meeting, how can this be done in a way that allows maximum time for discussion?
  • How can I foster an environment that supports conversations in my meetings?