Thunderbolts and Lightning, very very exciting

Just back from facilitating a two day session at an Innovation conference for the Higher Education sector. Our session had a real buzz to it and was the talk of the conference.

Once again, the success of this session shows how conferences can capitalise on the expertise of the audience, not just key note experts. It involved a series of rants on the first day, from which significant issues were identified, and recommendations developed on the second day.

By blending media in this session we got the best of technology and high quality conversations. The session was facilitated, which lead to well structured, depth of conversation. It was graphically recorded, which produced an artefact that can be used outside the session. There were also bloggers and tweeters communicating to those outside the session whilst it was running.

We worked closely with our client partners on the preparation and delivery. We found ourselves joining them in a competitive spirit, to make our session the best in the entire conference. Judging by the feedback, I think we succeeded 🙂