The Visual Collaboration Continuum

Last week I had the chance to teach a group of NTL Organisational Development practitioners about the power of visual working in OD. The main concern for many people starting to work visually is the need for drawing skills, but I believe the key to creating impact is in HOW visuals are created, the greater level of collaboration, the greater the organisational impact.

My work last week lead me to develop the visual collaboration continuum below:

Illustration – Image production in a studio and then ‘pushed’ out to a group.

Graphic recording – Listening to a group and writing / drawing what is heard..

Graphic facilitation – Public, visual charts integrated into facilitation design to support group dynamics.

Visual Organisational Development – An integrated way of working that leverages visual working to effect change.

I know that graphic charts are compelling and this is leading to greater use of visuals in the business world, which I am delighted to see, as it supports clearer communication, greater engagement and creativity in the workplace. By using this continuum I hope to clarify the different ways of using graphics and visuals for different organisational impacts.