What our facilitators really want

Over the last 12 months we have been having conversations with people interested in joining the Meeting Magic Network of facilitators. It has been fascinating to find out what our existing facilitators really enjoy about our network. In order to attract like-minded spirits into our team, we have updated our website. If you know anyone who would say, ‘YES!’ to the following, please put them in touch with us.

“I enjoy intellectual stretch, challenge and variety and want to work with a range of Blue Chip clients and experience a multitude of businesses.

I want to help groups bust through political shenanigans and tired processes and deliver great business results. I want to keep learning and developing as an excellent facilitator whose delighted clients come back to and recommend to others.

Oh, and I want to benefit from a funky brand, a shared body of knowledge and experience, a crystal clear offer and the chance to work with a network of supportive, positive, business focused Facilitation Professionals.”