Who influences your thinking and work?

Here at Meeting Magic and Scribing Magic we have lots of people who influence us from David Sibbet to Frederic Laloux.Over the years these people and their ideas have changed because our thinking and how we work with clients is always evolving with new ideas, and our own shared thinking, particularly about the power of meeting.

Those who influence us can be quite close and personal or they can be widely published non-fiction, business authors. Sometimes we find new business thinking exciting and useful. Sometimes we find poetry or philosophers or fiction writers insightful. Then there is the whole world of blogs, social media and print media, which frequently uncovers completely new ways of thinking.

Of course, our main topic of research is meetings, meeting facilitation, effective meetings and how groups and organisations benefit from thoughtful, well-rounded insights into the field.

Some of our facilitators have been captured speaking on camera about who has influenced them and why. For the next couple of weeks we’ll be posting these influences videos here. You can also find them on each person’s bios page in the Our People section. We hope you enjoy them. If you hear something interesting we’d enjoy your thoughts and feedback, too. We value the thinking of our visitors, friends and clients.

To engage any of your thinking about the power of meeting give us a call at +44 (0)1628 471 114 or send us our enquiries form with some of your thoughts. We’ll get right back to you.