We live and work in groups, and yet learning how to work effectively in groups is rarely taught. I have spent 25 years studying and working with groups and want to share my passion for making group spaces powerful and fun, instead of the misery that currently pervades many workplaces, educational establishments and meeting spaces generally.Whatever you do and wherever you work you probably work in groups.

This session is aimed at giving a broad overview of the different ways of working in groups and the skills conveners need to liberate group superpowers. 

Who is this for…

  • Collaborative leaders
  • Consultants who work with groups or lead group sessions
  • Teachers and educators
  • People who host retreats
  • Experienced group practitioners who are considering how to take their skills to the next level
  • Anyone who works with groups and would like to think about how they might do this even better

By the end of this session you will have …

  • an experience of the three stages of group development
  • an understanding of the theory of group development
  • an overview of the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets needed to work with groups in different ways

The session will be 2 hours, hosted on Zoom, with a short break. We will use a blend of small group discussion, whole group discussion and presentation to give an exploratory overview of group working. The session will be informal and interactive. Please bring your own refreshments – unfortunately we haven’t figures out how to share these over zoom yet!