LVMH Case Study

The Situation

How can we have our annual global meeting without flying everyone into one location during the Coronavirus outbreak?

The solution

We took a three day face to face meeting and developed a blended design

  • Design developed by MM and shared with client design team
  • Individual preparation of context maps – collated and shared before the meeting
  • Practical preparation of venue and technology

  • AsiaPacific participated real time at the start and USA at the end of the meeting, Europe throughout
  • Equality of environment created by having all participants individually online for trust building at the start
  • Buddy system created to support share of voice for virtual participants in the f2f meeting
  • Presentations kept short to make space for conversation & exploration.
  • Time made for reflection and learning about how the group was working in real-time
  • Recordings of the meeting chapters sent to everyone
  • Storybook of the meeting made for people unable to participate
  • Follow-up video sent by leader highlighting insights and actions to follow-up

The benefits

  • Team spirit and connection
  • Commitment to collaborate beyond the meeting
  • Shared understanding of the global issues and priorities for the year
  • Raised awareness of the different perspectives in the team and some of the consequences of this, making it easier to collaborate going forward.
  • Team able to be more flexible during the corona crisis – leading to agile response to changing needs