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Meeting Magic book

A practical guide for business managers who want to make their meetings more productive.

It takes courage, skill and a belief in collective ability, that the group will do work that no one individual can achieve.

And when it works, it’s magic!

however, as you probably know, just putting a group of people in a room together is not enough to ensure effective collaboration, and this is where we can help.

We have extensive experience of designing and facilitating all kinds of meetings with all kinds of organisations, private, public and non-profit. You name it, we’ve probably done it.

We can bring all this to support you, at whatever level of involvement you need from us: either working behind the scenes to support your facilitation or leading the facilitation so that you join the discussion.

Ingrid and Katherine have always inspired me with their ability to get the best possible value from the time we spend in meetings.

Rob Moffat

Katherine Woods and Ingrid Uden have written an immensely practical book, organized around the real, recurring problems you will face in meetings.

David Sibbet
20221016 132635

An excellent approach that facilitates fun and effective meetings with enduring, quality output.

Zein Abdalla

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