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Tackling complex challenges through effective collaboration:

a 2-day experiential learning lab

Central London: 4th- 5th September 2019

Getting together; working effectively

It is well known that groups of people can achieve more than individuals, hence the phrase ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’.

The first step is to bring people together.

The second is to get them to work together, effectively. This doesn’t happen by chance:

it requires a collaborative mindset, skillset and toolset.

Are you:

  • tasked with bringing people together to affect change in your workplace?
  • a member of a community where it often feels like you’re pushing water uphill to get things done?
  • part of a team that seems ineffective or unable to find its power?
  • seeing the ineffectiveness of things that others don’t notice, and want to become skilled in helping them to see it too?
  • involved in anything that needs people to work well together to be successful & achieve results?

Then this is for you!

What to expect

A blend of practical experiments, theory input, group discussion & reflective practice in an environment of safety and challenge.

You will leave with a skill set and materials to enable you to better lead and participate in groups, wherever, whenever!

Reserve a space: Central London, 4th – 5th September 2019

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